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Academic Advising

Advising for your Latin American Studies Major / Minor

For Academic Advising for your Latin American Studies Major or Minor, please email the Director of Latin American Studies, Pedro García-Caro (, to set up a remote advising appointment.

Major Advisors in Tykeson

The Advising Teams in Tykeson work closely with all university Advising Teams to ensure students have a clear understanding of departmental requirements, so no matter what your undergraduate major is, continue to reach out to the Advising Team in Tykeson first for your advising needs – they will be providing remote advising appointments via Microsoft Teams (available for download here:

NOTE: The Latin American Studies Major is in the “Global Connections” Flightpath, so if you are making an appointment with an Advisor in Tykeson for your Latin American Studies Major, make an appointment with a member of the Global Connections Advising Team (Courtney, Clay, Christina or Kenlei).

How do I schedule a remote appointment with an Advisor in Tykeson?

  • To schedule a remote “drop-in” appointment M-F, 10-3pm:
    • Use the chat function on this website:
    • Call: 541-346-9200
  • To schedule a remote appointment, you can use the chat function on the website, or schedule directly through Navigate. From there, they will receive instructions on using Microsoft Teams for a remote appointment.

Advising for Graduating Seniors

All graduating seniors are encouraged to set up a remote appointment with a Global Connections Advisor in the first few weeks of your graduating term as a starting point to go over any questions you may have:

Other Advising Notes

For Spring 2020 Term ONLY:

The UO Provost’s office announced changes in academic policies for winter and spring term 2020.

Among these changes is that for Spring term 2020 students can change their grading option for a course any time until July 16th, and changing to P/NP will not count against the limit of 12 credits of P/NP and 168 required graded credits. For this term a special P* grade will be assigned.

In response, the Latin American Studies program will allow Latin American Studies majors and minors to take classes for the Latin American Studies major and minor as P/NP during Spring 2020. A P* grade in classes taken Spring 2020 will count for the LAS major or minor.

See the details here