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About Us

Latin America is one of the most diverse and interesting regions in the world. The variety of peoples, cultures, languages, and environments makes the study of Latin America an exciting intellectual adventure. Students can earn a B.A. degree in Latin American Studies at the University of Oregon. A minor in LAS is also available. Our students receive a first-rate interdisciplinary training in Latin American Studies, with study abroad and internship opportunities and language instruction in Spanish and Portuguese. Core courses in Latin American Studies (LAS) are complemented by courses drawn from departments and programs such as Anthropology, Ethnic Studies, Philosophy, Geography, Romance Languages, History, Journalism, International Studies, and Environmental Studies.

In addition, LAS students and faculty engage in multiple activities throughout the year -lectures, film series, conferences, exhibits, workshops, and others- that enhance the pedagogical mission of our program. LAS works closely with other units such as the Center for Latino/a and Latin American Studies (CLLAS), the Americas in a Globalized World Initiative, the Department of Romance Languages, the Department of International Studies, and others.