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Latin America is one of the most diverse and interesting regions in the world. The variety of peoples, cultures, languages, and environments makes the study of Latin America an exciting intellectual adventure. Students can earn a B.A. degree in Latin American Studies at the University of Oregon. A minor in LAS is also available. Our students receive a first-rate interdisciplinary training in Latin American Studies, with study abroad and internship opportunities and language instruction in Spanish and Portuguese. Core courses in Latin American Studies (LAS) are complemented by courses drawn from departments and programs such as Romance Languages, History, Anthropology, Ethnic Studies, Philosophy, Geography, Journalism, International Studies, and Environmental Studies. Read moreā€¦



LAS 407 - 2015-poster

Politics, Revolution and Cinema in the Americas

Spring 2015

The Latin American Studies Program presents LAS 407

This course examines the conflicted relationship between cinema and global politics in 20th-century Latin America. The course will focus on three of the four major cinemas in Latin America (Cuba, Brazil and Argentina).

Annete Rubado-Mejia is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish at the University of Oregon’s Department of Romance Languages. Her interests include Luso-Brazilian language and culture, Hispanic language and culture, Literature, Cinema and Political Economy, Modern Subjectivities. She has a Ph.D. in



LAS Student Symposium: Dictatorship, Transitional Justice, and Human Rights in Latin America

Latin American Studies Student Symposium

Dictatorship, Transitional Justice, and Human Rights in Latin America

LAS Student Symposium: April 17, 2015, McKenzie Hall 229

LAS Student Symposium Schedule

Featured speakers

Christopher Dunn, Tulane University, “Tropicalia and the Emergence of a Brazilian Counterculture” Michel Gherman, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and Hebrew University of Jerusalem, “Jews and the Brazilian Military Dictatorship”