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Carlos Aguirre Receives the Fund for Faculty Excellence Award

Fifteen UO faculty members have been selected for the prestigious Fund for Faculty Excellence awards — One of whom is LAS Faculty, Carlos Aguirre!

The Fund for Faculty Excellence was established in 2006 with the generous support of Lorry I. Lokey and increases the university’s ability to highlight and encourage world-class research and teaching. Since 2006, more than 160 faculty members have received the awards, recognizing their excellence in creative accomplishment, education, research and scholarships.

“I am thrilled to celebrate our excellent faculty,” said Provost and Senior Vice President Jayanth Banavar. “Their scholarly and research efforts have great impact, and they inspire our students and all of us.”

Candidates are nominated by deans, with suggestions from faculty members and unit heads, and nominations are reviewed by the Fund for Faculty Excellence awards committee before a final determination is made by the provost. The award will provide this year’s recipients with a salary supplement of $20,000, distributed over the next academic year or $26,600 to be used for research support.

Recipients of the Fund for Faculty Excellence awards for 2019-20 are:

Carlos Aguirre, professor, history
Wonhee Arndt, associate professor, product design
Sonja Boos, associate professor, German and Scandinavian
Erik Girvan, associate professor, law
Volya Kapatsinski, associate professor, linguistics
Brice Kuhl, associate professor, psychology
Stephanie Majewski, associate professor, physics
Brad Nolen, associate professor, chemistry and biochemistry
Alexander Polishchuk, professor, mathematics
Laura Pulido, professor, ethnic studies
Eleonora Redaelli, associate professor, school of planning, public policy and management
Dave Sutherland, associate professor, Earth sciences
Nelson Ting, associate professor, anthropology
Elizabeth “Liz” Tippett, associate professor, law
Sarah Wald, associate professor, English and environmental studies